Hi! My name is Dara Ahrens and I help small business owners delegate the work that is getting in the way of their potential growth.

After two decades working for both corporations and privately held small businesses in various roles (customer service representative, business analyst, private tutor, intake coordinator, case manager) I’ve discovered two resounding truths.

  1. Not everyone can do everything
  2. It is okay to need help. Finding and accepting it is usually the real struggle.

When a friend and fellow entrepreneur asked me why I wanted to become a Virtual Assistant I told them,

“I want to help people get away from that bogged down feeling with so many little things distracting them, so they can focus on their bigger picture.”

I believe that all the little things are important to create success but that does not mean that one person should be taking all of that on. At the end of the day you’re only one person! Letting someone else pick up the slack or take that great idea you have and turn it into reality can be the difference between flailing and flying. This is where I come in.

  • Are you tired of stressing that you might miss a customer email and opportunity?
  • Is your calendar feeling more chaos than coordinated?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the idea of sharing your products/services on social media?
  • Is the idea of building/editing/updating a website daunting to you?

You might need a virtual assistant!